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Top bars don’t need to be tiny you know. Check out this one.
Symba User Expereince
April 26, 2022

A CRM that Feels like the Apps You Love

Symba is the industry’s only CRM designed for the mobile experience. We believe agents need a tool they love and in order to do that we have to match their busy lifestyles. No more waiting to get to your computer to take care of business or piecing together multiple apps on your phone to stay organized. 

It’s not a secret that the most used apps on your phone are social media apps. These companies have mastered user experience to the point people are getting addicted. They have made them so seamless and easy people don’t even need to be trained how to use them. You download it and just start using it. Don’t you wish other apps did that? CAUGH CAUGH… Like your CRM??? 

 In order to create the industry’s best CRM user experience, we are taking some pages out of the social media apps’ user experiences. Instead of just talking about it, we’ll show you. Below are some photos to explain what we mean. 

Lead Page 

Our lead page is designed specifically for the real estate industry. We didn’t just go with the status quo (Tables and lists) like everyone else. Instead we reimaged how it could be done and came up with this….. 

As you can see, we took design queues from Instagram and Pinterest by creating the conversations bar and the lead cards. The conversation bar allows users to separate leads they are in communication with from those they are still trying to get in touch with in order to avoid lost leads or slow response times. 

Client Feed

A major problem we encountered related to communication in existing CRM’s was they blended leads, clients and past clients all in the same inbox. This leads to unclear priorities which devalues the overall application. What does that mean? Clients are where the money is made. You need to give them special attention. Leads do not immediately make you money. They are less valuable but still need special attention so they don’t get lost and you convert them to clients. You need to be giving proper attention to each of these contact types and that is not possible when you blend the two into the same inbox. In order to solve this problem, we create a client feed. ONLY CLIENT CONTACTS can be in this feed. Below is what that looks like. 

For this UX, we took design queues from Twitter. What the feed is intended to do is surface the most relevant information related to your clients. Communication, deal stage changes, and reminders are all surfaced in an infinitely scrolling feed much like Twitter’s. We wanted to move away from an inbox given they tend to induce stress and organizational headaches. We want to take care of the organization for you. Despite the fact Twitter has an infinite amount of information, you never really feel overwhelmed by it. The power of a feed! 

Agent Profile

After asking agents what was missing in their CRM's, we heard several times that they wish it felt more personal. They were tired of the endless lists and tasks and bland text fields. They wanted something very different and something that made them feel like they are running their own business from their pocket! So we created the Agent Profile Page. This page has an agent's own personal reporting and metrics, active and closed deals, and personal contact information. This page will give agents a feeling of ownership and control of their business similar to how Robinhood gave the average person ownership and control of their investment portfolio. They took the clunky finance solutions of the past and built a mobile-first and user friendly version for people to enjoy.... and trade Gamestop.

If using an extremely easy and mobile-first CRM is interesting to you, reach out and we'll help you understand if Symba is right for your business!