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April 26, 2022

A New Age for CRMs

We believe CRM's will change dramatically in the coming years. New user experiences will be built on top of Salesforce and completely new niche CRMs will pop up across many industries thanks to the dawn of developer API's like Twilio, Agora, Stripe, MongoDB, and many more. These companies have essentially deconstructed the backend of CRMs and are allowing developers and entrepreneurs to build brand new experiences that are workflow heavy and intuitive.

CRMs to date have largely been dumb databases in the form of spreadsheets with very little abstraction for the end-user meaning most of the user experience is tables, columns, and rows. As a user, you probably find yourself only going into your CRM to update information and you likely received that information in your email, phone, or slack. Most of the important work salespeople do like communication lives outside their CRM. This forces teams to invest in additional software on top of their CRM and in most cases that software doesn't integrate directly inside their existing CRM UX. This creates fragmentation for the end user.

Thanks to Twilio and other developer tools, you are beginning to see new workflows and user experiences being built that perfectly integrate customer data with communication workflows and other common workflows that are niche to various industries. The best examples of new-age platforms and CRMs leveraging these API's are Outreach, SalesLoft, Freshworks, ServiceTitan, Xant, and many more. These companies are building common workflows into the actual CRM. Salesforce has struggled with this but they have remained the dominant player. That is not likely to change any time soon, but I believe if you zoom out 10 years, businesses will not rely so heavily on Salesforce as developers figure out new ways to create niche user experiences.

Symba is leveraging the latest technology like MongoDB, Twilio, AWS, Stripe, and others in the future that will allow us to offer brokerages and agents brand new user experiences that fit their unique lifestyles. Other CRMs in this space are failing to meet the needs of agents and it shows in their adoption numbers and churn. Agents have to use a CRM yet they are constantly asking which one to use because they aren't happy with their options or current provider. We're aiming to change that by being the clear favorite in the industry thanks to our user experience that matches an agents lifestyle.

Take a look at the similarities below between Hubspot (A general CRM built for any industry) and Follow Up Boss (A CRM built for agents.) Notice a difference? Neither do we... Then compare those to Symba...