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November 26, 2021

Personal Phone Number vs Symba Phone Number

As mentioned in our blog Real Estate Agents and Text Messaging, you have a very special privilege very few business professionals have as an agent… a very personal relationship with your clients. You helped them make the biggest, most emotional purchase of their life. Because of how personal and important a real estate transaction is, your client gave you the holy grail of access to their personal life… their phone number. Are you leveraging that privilege correctly? 

In this blog we compare Symba’s messaging experience with the personal phone numbers many agents are using with their clients today. 

It's important to understand that if real estate agents want to save time, become more efficient, become more organized, and provide better service, they need to adopt a business number. Below is a chart laying out why this is the case. 

On top of all these features, imagine what life would be like if you could separate your business and personal life. Imagine what an uncluttered iMessage or other personal messaging app would feel like!

Some agents love to say that their business and personal lives are one in the same and they love to think all their clients have their phone number memorized. Reality check… your clients don’t know or care about what your phone number is. They just want the best service you can possibly provide, so give them that great service with Symba! Sign up for the waitlist below!