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September 8, 2021

Real Estate Agents and Text Messaging

As a real estate agent, you have a very special privilege very few other business professionals have… a very personal relationship with your client. You helped them make the biggest and most emotional purchase of their life. Because of how personal and important a real estate transaction is, your client gave you the holy grail of access to their personal life… their phone number. Are you leveraging that privilege correctly? 

The best agents know real estate transactions and long-term relationships are all about communication. There is no better way to communicate than text messaging, yet most agents aren’t leveraging text messaging correctly. In order to leverage the privilege of being able to text your clients, you need to use a dedicated business phone number. iMessage doesn’t cut it. 

Let’s make two things clear… 

  1. Your clients don’t know your personal cell phone number. Many agents hesitate to use a business number because they say “My clients know my personal number.” No, they don’t. Your clients don’t even know their best friend’s number. So they definitely don’t know your number. 
  2. iMessage is not built for business. Apple does not care about the fact you are a real estate agent so they are not building iMessage to help you scale your business with features like automation.  

The best agents know they need to do a better job leveraging text messaging but most agents still haven’t done it yet. The reason? They haven’t had access to a great business messaging experience. That is where Symba’s communicator package comes in. Here are a few reasons why Symba is different: 

  1. Symba is the real estate industry’s only mobile-first CRM. It is difficult to effectively leverage text messaging when agent CRMs have failed to build user experiences that work well on a cell phone. Symba’s user experience is the best in the industry because of our focus on simplicity, mobile, and messaging. 
  2. Your phone number is owned by you, not your brokerage. We’ve designed Symba to be a personal CRM meaning you own all the data. When you leave a brokerage or go independent, your CRM and number go with you. It’s difficult to adopt a phone number that doesn’t actually belong to you. 
  3. Symba is going to be the only agent CRM to integrate texting, facebook messenger, and phone calling into the same application. This allows you to meet your clients wherever they like to message without switching apps so often. 

Times are changing and Symba is working hard to match your lifestyle and communication needs with the industry’s only mobile-first CRM. Download the app today and join the waitlist for Communicator today!