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April 26, 2022

What is a CRM and Why do Agents Need Them?

As an agent, there is a lot you have to juggle! We understand how busy you get and it can be easy to feel unorganized when you are running from showing to showing while keeping up with your other clients and leads. We’ve found that many agents are not regularly using tools to help them stay on top of their work or they are using tools that aren’t built specifically for their needs. One of the most important tools an agent can use is a CRM which stands for customer relationship management. CRM’s have been around for a long time but many agents have chosen not to use them out of frustration with clunky user experiences or lack of awareness of their benefits. 

Symba has built the industry’s only mobile-first CRM with a great user experience so we’ve tackled the clunky problem, but now let’s tackle the awareness around why agents need CRM’s. Here are a few reasons why agents need a CRM: 

  1. Relationship development

This one should be obvious but for some odd reason (bad user experiences!) agents choose not to keep track of all their clients and leads with a great CRM. Instead they rely on spreadsheets, their phone, or their memory. None of these options are as easy as a great, mobile-first CRM. Agents should be keeping track of all previous communications, deal stages, anniversaries, birthdays, last contact dates, and much more. You can’t do that with iMessage or your memory. The key to building lasting relationships is staying in touch and using context to reach out at the right time with a relevant message. 

  1. Being competitive 

Agents are naturally competitive people. There aren’t many other professions as competitive or sales focused as being an agent so they need every competitive advantage they can get. I can’t think of a better advantage than having a great, mobile-first CRM. At the end of the day, your most valuable asset is your network… so use a tool to help manage all those people. A great, mobile-first CRM will not only keep track of your network, but it will also help you track your commission and goals. It’s hard to be competitive without sales targets and personal goals. 

  1. Easy follow-up

Keeping in touch and following up with people is a major key to an agent’s success. The problem many agents have now is their CRM’s and chosen tools don’t help them do this very well when they are on the go. If an agent is waiting for a client to show up at a showing or a coffee meeting, their CRM should make it easy for them to stay in touch with leads and clients. They can’t afford to rely on their memory or wait until they get to their desktop to look at their clunky ass CRM.  

  1. Managing deals 

Keeping track of all the steps related to a closing can be overwhelming when you have several deals under contract. A CRM should help agents stay on top of all that work. In the past, deal tracking was extremely clunky and nearly impossible to do from the phone, but we’ve made it easy so agents don’t get lost. In just a few screen taps, agents can update a deal and then sort their feed based on those deal stages. 

  1. Easy lead prospecting 

The more an agent prospects, the bigger their pipeline will be and the more money they will make. In order to prospect effectively, agents need a great mobile-first CRM. We’ve found agents currently have to prospect from their laptops and that’s ridiculous. Think of all the time agents sit in driveways or parking lots… that’s time that can be spent prospecting on a great, mobile-first CRM like Symba

There are many more reasons to get a CRM but these 5 are pretty solid reasons. Think of it this way… if a CRM helps you close at least one additional deal a year, it pays for itself. Add in the fact you will be a happier agent because you love using Symba, and you’ve got a tool that’s hard to pass up on buying. 

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