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April 26, 2022

What is a Mobile-first CRM and why Does it Matter

We’re proud to say we are the only Mobile-first CRM in the real estate industry. What does this mean? It means we built Symba to be used on your phone rather than your computer. The user experience is meant to be just as good if not BETTER than desktop. No one else can say that. So why does this matter? Well, agents and professionals in the real estate industry are busy people that are juggling a lot and constantly moving, so they need a tool that matches that lifestyle. 

Agents should be able to easily prospect leads, updated contacts, take notes, communicate with clients, track their deals, and check their reports while on the go. When talking to agents using products like Follow Up Boss, Boomtown, Zillow Premier, and Liondesk, their biggest complaint was the poor mobile experience. Most CRM’s do pretty much the same thing so when we noticed how many people complained about the lack of mobile tools and saw no one else was doing it, we had to solve that problem. 

On the surface, it might not sound like a big deal, but when you consider how many brokerages and team leaders pay for CRM’s their teams don’t use, you realize how much time and money is being wasted. It’s a big deal! It is indisputable that using a great CRM leads to higher productivity and better customer experiences. Agents need a CRM they actually want to use and enjoy using. So Symba took a step back and started from scratch. Here’s what that led to…

Totally, reimagined Lead management and engagement

We got rid of the tables and lists. Tables and lists are not meant for workflows related to communication and engagement. ESPECIALLY not on the mobile experience. Tables and lists are for organizing large amounts of data. When you are interacting with people, you need something more dynamic and visual so we created something new. Take a look below! 

This new user interface is dedicated to just leads and allows agents to interact with their leads in a much more intuitive way that prevents agents from feeling overwhelmed or confused. Unlike the CRM’s before us, we will not be mixing clients and leads on the same pages. We believe those two people have to be separated to avoid confusion and frustration. Leads have their own page and clients have their own feed. When a lead comes in from one of your connected integrations or is manually added, they will show up as a card on the page that displays relevant information so you can make decisions at a glance. These are easily filtered for simple navigation. 

When you begin a conversation with a lead, it pops up into the conversations bar. We define a conversation as both you and the lead have said something to each other. Separating leads you’ve had a conversation with keeps them top of mind and easily accessed so they don’t get lost and you can give them the best experience possible. Once a lead has been converted to a client, they are removed from the lead page and moved to your client feed. To learn more about the lead page, check out this in-depth look! 

Deal Tracking that is too easy! 

Deal tracking is something that is known to be annoying with previous CRM’s. For one, it is really bad on mobile. That’s very clear. And secondly, it has been made too complicated in general because of too many stages and too much customization. Agents don’t need more than 6 stages. Anything more and it just adds friction and confusion. We kept it simple by only having six stages. We also put the deal tracking bar for any given lead or client one click away from whatever screen you are on so you can quickly update it without any hassle. 

When agents use the deal tracking feature in a CRM, teams have more insights, more automation is possible, admins can have transparency into progress, and agents can track their workflows easier. These three things can improve a team tremendously. 

Beautiful Mobile Dashboards

Tracking your progress and KPI’s is important! It’s what allows you to set and achieve goals. We’ve built reports and dashboards right into the mobile experience so you can always know how you are tracking and performing against KPIs. 

When you take all these things into account, you have a tool you can pay for and actually use to its potential because it goes everywhere you go! No more needing to wait until you get back to your office to get work done.