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Symba User Expereince
April 26, 2022

Why a Great CRM User Experience Matters

At Symba, we set out to design the real estate industry’s only mobile-first CRM so we could provide agents with the best user experience possible. We believe in order to be the best product in the industry we have to put design first. That means we think about the end user’s experience before we make any decisions related to the product. We could tell previous CRM’s in this space were struggling with this concept, and once we spoke to users of all the major CRM’s, it became very clear they needed something new that put their needs and lifestyle first. 

Putting the needs and lifestyle of agents first means building a simple and mobile-first application. Agents are busy and constantly on the road so they need something that matches that lifestyle. Below are three reasons why a good user experience matters.

  1. Higher user adoption 

When you actually design a tool that matches the needs and lifestyle of an agent, they will want to use it more. The biggest complaint we heard about previous CRM’s was that they were clunky and they didn’t have a good mobile experience. This is important because most successful agents are on the road most of the time. Symba has built a great user experience on mobile so agents can use it more often. Agents, brokers, and team leads no longer have to buy CRM’s that don’t get used. No more wasted money! 

  1. Higher agent satisfaction and performance

When an agent has the right tools that help them do their job, they will be happier. There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed with information, tasks, and communication because your tools don’t help you stay organized. The stress that comes with that feeling of being overwhelmed can decrease performance; however, when you have a tool that is easy to use and helpful, you perform better. Who doesn’t want that? 

  1. Increased ROI

When you combine reason one and reason two, you get reason three… higher ROI. CRM’s are not cheap. They are investments in your business that pay off when used correctly. We encourage you to learn more about Symba and the ways we can improve your business. Our goal is to design a CRM that you and your team love. We believe we’ve done that and because of that we know your business will see returns from your investment in us. 

If you want to learn more about Symba’s user experience, please reach out to us!