Important Announcement
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October 25, 2023

Symba Partners with Hurdlr to Expand Accounting Offering for Real Estate Agents

Symba is excited to announce a partnership with Second Century Venture portfolio company Hurdlr! Our team has been working hard over the last couple of months to transition from a previous fintech partner that sunset features critical to our platform to Hurdlr which will bring more features and value to our customers.  

Symba’s platform is the most user friendly and robust financial technology offering on the market built specifically for agents and this partnership will provide more automation and insights agents can leverage to grow more successful and profitable businesses.

Symba is the industry’s first platform to combine sales transaction data with an agents banking providing them unmatched control of their business growth and financial health. From deal tracking to bookkeeping and taxes, we make the entire workload seamless and stress-free for agents who struggle with being 1099 contractors and 100% commission paid.

Poor financial health is the #1 cause for agent churn in the industry which makes Symba a critical tool for associations, MLSs, and brokerages to provide their agents.

To date, Symba has inked partnerships with Chicago Association of Realtors, PrimeMLS, and Rhode Island’s Realtor Association.

Symba believes MLSs are missing a huge opportunity to deliver financial services to agents whose compensation originates from the MLS data. Symba allows MLSs to connect the dot between commission listed in the MLS and an agent’s net income after taxes. Having transparency into agents’ commission splits, expenses, and taxes is a massive opportunity for everyone in the industry. We are the only company positioned to do that at scale.