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October 25, 2023

5 Steps To Get Leads As A New Real Estate Agent

If you are a new agent, one of the first major obstacles you will face will be finding leads. There are hundreds of courses, blogs, and Youtube videos to watch but at the end of the day you need people’s attention. You can pay for that attention or you can get that attention organically. While there is no perfect answer to what you should do to be successful and get a ton of leads, the best place to start is to try multiple tactics and collect data on the results. We’ve laid out 5 ideas you can try to find leads. 

Create a ton of content! 

This one is important for multiple reasons. For one, the more content you create and share on social media, the more people will see your name. That’s the key to getting attention. There are plenty of ways to create content. You could start sharing selfie videos on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook about what you are passionate about and tips for new homeowners. You could write blogs that highlight trends in your market or things people can do for fun on the weekends. You could create a podcast about your favorite hobby and make it local. The possibilities are endless and the key to all of it is getting your name out there. 

Once the content is live, track engagement on it. Figure out what people want to see and hear. Blindly putting out content can be a waste of time. Facebook and Instagram have great tools to see the metrics behind your posts. Use them to set goals for yourself and understand what you could be doing better. 

Reach out to people you know

As soon as you are ready to start working with clients, one of the first things you should do is make sure everyone you know is aware you are an agent. Post on social media. Text all your friends and family letting them know you are a new agent and ask them to refer you if they know someone buying or selling a home. Tell your barber or stylist you’re an agent next time you are there. There is only upside to sharing the news. They already know you and will trust you more than a random agent they find elsewhere. 

A key stat to consider here is that 10% of people in the US move each year. So if you take that number and apply it to all the people you know, that could be a lot of business over time. 

Go to community events 

The only way to meet more people is to put yourself out there and actively engage in the community. Depending on where you live, there is likely always something going on you can go to and meet people. Get on or and see what is happening. Go there to genuinely build relationships. Over time, those events could pay off tremendously. 

Treat clients like they are your last 

When you are working with a client, treat them like they are the last client you will ever have. Give them the best experience possible from beginning to end. This means communicating well, being on time to appointments, and showing gratitude after the sale is complete. When we say show your gratitude, say thank you with a note and a gift. That could go a long way. Some ideas for gifts would be: 

  • Bottle of bourbon or wine
  • Gift card to a new restaurant in town 
  • Handwritten thank you card 
  • Starbucks gift card 
  • Gift card to Home Depot or Lowes

Get a CRM

Managing all these people can be very overwhelming. It’s impossible to manage hundreds of people effectively without a great customer relationship management system (CRM.) To learn more about why a CRM is important, read this in depth article. For many agents, their first purchase will be a CRM so spend some time researching them but start your search with Symba. We have built the industry’s most user friendly CRM we know you will love.