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December 2, 2022

The Agent Anonymous Podcast: Its Illegal... but it's Not

The team at Symba wanted to do something fun for our users and the industry as the whole so we created the Agent Anonymous Podcast. We thought the industry was too saturated with educational content and motivational content. Agents live busy, hectic, and stressful lives so we thought we’d give them something to smile and laugh about. That is our goal with Agent Anonymous. 

So what exactly is Agent Anonymous? The idea came from co-founder Ryan Harris. As a team we wanted to do something no one had done before so Ryan thought having agents spill the beans on their craziest deals and clients was a good idea given it is totally illegal to do… agents do it behind the scenes in their brokerage office and with their family anyways so we just had to think of a way to do it for a larger audience while protecting the agent. So our solution was to mask the voices and remove any names from the podcast. We ran it by an attorney and it turns out it is a great loophole. 

It’s been a blast so far recording the episodes! You can expect to hear stories about booty calls from clients, divorces in the closing room, sex dungeons, houses burning down, and marijuana grow ops… It's pretty damn crazy what agents go through to help clients buy and sell homes. It’s no wonder everyone has failed to automate their job!   

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