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December 2, 2022

Finding a Mentor as a Real Estate Agent

Finding a mentor or mentors as a real estate agent can be unbelievably valuable. The relationship(s) can help you accelerate your success as a new agent, help you build experience, help you navigate the stress that comes with being an agent, and even teach you about real estate investing. Top athletes and CEO’s have mentors so why shouldn’t you?  

There’s a few places you can look to find a real estate mentor and believe it or not, they don’t have to be a real estate agent. However, one of your mentors should be your broker or team leader. If you don’t see them as someone who can be this mentor for you then it might be time to start searching for a new brokerage or team to join. This person should almost always be one of the people who guides you to being successful in this business. That is literally one of their jobs. 

Once you have the that can help you out with real estate agent specifics, you can then start to look for others to help you in other places. For example, you’re going to want someone to mentor you in the real estate investing realm. You’re going to want this for two reasons. First, it will help you gain investor clients that buy and sell homes regularly. If you can help just a few investors make money where you gave them good advice then you are guaranteed a certain amount of commission checks every year. The second reason you’ll want to find a mentor is because they can teach you things that will be important to know when you are ready to invest in real estate yourself. The best place to look for a mentor like this is in your sphere. If you know someone who invests in real estate then more than likely they’ll be willing to take you under their wing. You might even earn their business out of it. If you don’t know anyone who invests in real estate, reach out to people on social media or ask an agent in your office who invests in real estate to help. You’ll find that people are way more willing to help you than you would think. 

There are plenty of other areas where a mentor could be helpful. Marketing, finances, accounting, business development, branding, etc. are all things you could find mentors for. First and foremost though you need to find the first two kinds of mentors mentioned above. Go find those mentors and starting becoming a real estate mogul so you can become a mentor yourself one day!