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October 25, 2023

Mobile-first is a Business Strategy... Not a Feature

Our decision to build a mobile-first platform was not a feature decision; it was a very calculated business strategy that has ripple effects throughout the business and our customers. There were a few factors that went into this decision. 

1. It matches agents’ lifestyles 

Real estate agents are the most mobile salespeople on the planet. They live hectic and often very stressful lives. The last thing they want to do is set aside time to sit at their desk and update their database and prospect. Rather than become a hassle disrupting their day’s natural flow, we want to seamlessly integrate into their lifestyle and become a trusted operating system that follows them everywhere they go. 

2. It unlocks new user experiences for agents

Over the last several years, consumers have become used to native mobile experiences and there are some experiences that only work well on mobile. In order for us to stay innovative and introduce new user experiences we have to be mobile-first. Think of apps like Instagram, Venmo, Cash App, Uber, TikTok, and Twitter. Users of these apps rarely visit the desktop versions and several of them don’t even have a desktop version! Functionality like messaging, banking, and activity feeds do not work on desktop anymore. People need instant access to these features. 

3. Makes on-boarding extremely easy for agents

The vast majority of real estate agents do not want to go through a traditional software buying experience. This makes sense when you consider how much they are having to juggle and the fact that most of them are not sitting behind a desk to do the onboarding in the first place. With our onboarding, an agent can get started in a matter of seconds. No configuration needed.

4. Forces us to keep user experience simple 

We’ve talked to hundreds of agents and every one of them thinks their current solutions are too clunky and complex. Feature bloat, tech debt, and poor user experience are all major problems for agents. By going mobile-first, we are forcing ourselves to stay disciplined in features we introduce and carefully consider every change to the user experience. We can’t just slap a new chart or data field somewhere on mobile. 

5. Enables better automations for agents

Effective automations are only possible when you have a lot of data to inform what needs to be automated. By going mobile-first and integrating ourselves into the lifestyle of an agent, our usage will be greater than other agent tools and we’ll be collecting a lot more data to inform how we can make agents’ lives better. 

We believe we are well positioned to provide a service that agents haven’t experienced before. It will be an experience that empowers them to be successful by simplifying their fragmented, hectic lifestyles.