Important Announcement
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December 2, 2022

Symba Brings Bill Fowler on as Strategic Advisor

The Symba team is very excited to welcome Bill Fowler to the team as a strategic advisor. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill over the last several months in a consulting capacity; however, after seeing a rapid increase in interest and traction within the industry, it was apparent there was more to accomplish. In this more formal role, Bill will help our team bring Symba to market in partnership with associations and MLSs across the country. 

Symba is an absolute no-brainer for associations and MLSs to provide their members. It’s a benefit that leverages data in new ways that directly affect their members’ financial health, profitability, and tax compliance. Symba’s first-of-its-kind platform combines an agent’s transaction/sales data with their banking and financial data allowing them to manage their pipeline, business health, and taxes in an experience purpose-built for their unique business needs. Real estate agents are unique because they are self-employed and 100% commission paid which creates significant complexity when it comes to financial management and taxes. Unfortunately, financial benefits are few and far between for agents despite it being a major struggle for all experience levels.

Symba has entered the market at a critical time when agents are more vulnerable than ever. The market is shifting which forces agents to focus on their business health and profitability. It is also critical the industry invests in tax compliance tools for agents so they can stay compliant during a time when the IRS is expected to conduct more audits than ever due to new funding and resources. NOW is the time for agents and the industry to invest in Symba! 

Bill's experience will be critical in the coming years as Symba navigates growth. Bill is a 22-year real estate industry veteran, having spent his first 12 years as CMO at Solid Earth, among the earliest pioneers of web-based MLS software development. In 2015, he joined Zillow to bolster the Industry Relations team. In 2018 he was recruited to establish the IR team at Compass, where he spent four years growing the brokerage’s influence within NAR, the top 50 MLSs, and realtor organizations in the US and Canada. He is also a past board member at RESO, leadership council at Broker Resource Network, and actively participates as an advisor with NAR’s REACH, REACH UK, REACH Canada, and Chicago-based venture capital firm, Moderne Ventures.

“I’ve spent a career working to bring lasting value to the individual agent and have yet to encounter anything as instantly transformative to an agent’s business than what Symba offers – and they’re only getting started. I’m honored to be able to help further the cause.”

If you’d like to speak with the Symba team to learn more about our platform or ways to partner, please reach out to Bill or Evan.