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October 25, 2023

Technology Tools That Can Help You Succeed as a Real Estate Agent

We get it... you want to be a successful real estate agent! We also understand how hard it can be to feel like you are doing the right things to advance your real estate business. Implementing technology into your business can help you accomplish this.

The technology available to real estate agents can make your head spin. You want tools that help you work efficiently and keep you organized. If you are struggling to decide what technology tools you need, consider the following suggestions.

Customer Relationship Management

It's challenging to keep track of clients and leads. Some agents might use a whiteboard, and others may use excel sheets. But the agents who do the most business and the agents who have aspirations of doing a ton of business employ a CRM tool. A CRM tool like Symba helps you easily communicate with clients and leads. Symba also makes it extremely easy to track your client’s deal stages and drive reporting off the data.  

Electronic Signature Service

Dotloop, Docusign, and PandaDoc are great options for this. They help accelerate the transaction process by securely managing and storing documents in the cloud. By putting the documents in the cloud, your team and clients can collaborate with you. 


Marketing is essential for real estate agents to be successful. You need to bring in leads and show your sphere how successful your clients are. It’s also important your marketing stands out. A tool like Canva can help with this. It is an online graphic design tool that makes creating marketing content easy. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface with different export options to choose from. They even have templates specifically for real estate agents. Animoto, BombBomb, and WeVideo are all great options for making marketing videos.

Website Hosting Service

Driving people to your own website is important despite the fact they have tools like Zillow, Redfin,, and others to find homes. Websites today function much more as a way for clients to learn about you and your services rather than the homes available on the market. IDX integration or not, we suggest focusing on the user experience of your website above all else. People's expectations are high when it comes to websites so we suggest using tools like Placester, Wix, Square or you could work with a design agency. 

Choosing the right technology to help you succeed isn't easy. Decide on the essential go-to tools that could help you and put your focus there.