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October 25, 2023

WWYD Series. Situation #1: You sell a home quickly and your clients want you to reduce your commission.

The other day I posted this question on LinkedIn, and the Realtors who responded had excellent comments about how they would handle this situation. It’s strange to think that this would even be a common problem because, after all, isn’t a Realtor supposed to sell a home quickly? Well, believe it or not, this happens to Realtors more than you would think. Let’s go through a couple of the comments and see how these two agents would handle it.

Jacob is spot on with his response here. He is right that as agents, we have to make sure to explain to clients everything we will do to sell their home; that way, when it does sell fast, they know why. Tell them and prove to them why you are worth what you are.

Jeff had a great response too. The bit where he says he would consider dropping his commission to help a repeat client or an investor is golden. Every agent should pay close attention to that. The key is to “pick your battles!”

I have been more active recently on LinkedIn with thought-provoking questions like this one. If you’d like to participate, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, and your comments might get chosen the next time we post a blog like this. If you just want to learn, you can still connect with me on LinkedIn and learn from great agents like these above who have a wealth of knowledge.